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NGage Concierge Real Estate Services Offers Customized Suite of Services for Those Facing a Move or Relocation


President and CEO Nicole Butler, Draws on Distinguished Career to Inform Her Newest DC-Based Entrepreneurial  Venture

On any given day in offices throughout Washington, DC, there are businesses and entrepreneurs trying to nail down the next great idea.  Though many seek to capture this “lightning in a bottle” only a very small percentage succeed.  And, only a much, much smaller percentage successfully make the leap from idea to viable sustainable business.

For this reason, anyone with an interest, professionally or personally, in entrepreneurship, real estate, corporate relocation, concierge services, or professional transitions is strongly encouraged to pay close attention to the new ground being broken by Nicole Butler, President and CEO of NGage Concierge Real Estate Services.

NGage Concierge Real Estate Services is a boutique firm and the only concierge service that focuses on elevating the client’s lifestyle and anticipating their needs while transitioning from one home to another across town or around the globe. 

Drawing off of a solid career in Federal Government and large national non-profit organizations, “it is the experience I had living in Italy for nearly 1 year; and, the expertise granted me by my near 15-year career in finance and banking at Fortune 100 companies that mostly informs my approach to client service” said Nicole Butler, President and CEO of NGage Concierge Real Estate Services and NGage Properties Group headquartered in Capitol Hill. 

“We focus on the client and not just the transaction.  Our services are comprehensive and provides services that include four core areas: real estate, concierge, transition management, and wealth preservation,” said Butler. “We elevate the client’s experience, in each moment, from membership enrollment to far beyond the settlement table. There is no relocation company in existence that approaches our level or breadth of service.  Our Services begin where the services of other relocation companies end.”

Upon membership enrollment, NGage Concierge assigns a Lifestyle Manager that launches the process of constructing a customized itinerary for the entire lifecycle of the client’s upcoming transition. In addition to managing traditional relocation services (e.g. assigning a real estate agent and moving company), we ask, interpret and anticipate the private needs of the client, then arrange to make their transition as enjoyable and stress-free as possible which could include:

  • In-home private chef services to prepare a formal family dinner on the first evening together in the new home.
  • Scheduling spa and wellness services during the move for the client and their family to minimize the physical wear and tear of a client’s move.
  • Ensure chauffeured transportation, create bespoke travel itineraries and assist in arranging personal shopping services.

Those are just a discrete sample of services highlighting how we step in to fill important gaps for our clients, while also filling a void within the industry of relocation service providers.Though there are thousands of concierge providers and tens of thousands of relocation services available in the U.S., NGage Concierge Real Estate Services represents the first time concierge expertise joins a wide variety of impeccable personal and professional services, customized specifically for families and individuals around a real estate transaction or relocation.  Memberships are available at the Private and Corporate levels.  While corporate clients engage with NGage Concierge to provide a differentiating edge when competing for top talent at thesenior executive level, a unique type of membership is also available for non-profit organizations that yields a very intriguing charitable component.