With over 25 years of combined Executive and Senior Management level experience across corporate, non-profit and federal government sectors, our experience is broad and deep.   While our Concierge service centers around the real estate transaction, we focus on each individual Member’s needs as they transition their lives from one home to another, going far beyond the services of a typical relocation company. 

While our global team of over 1100 agents comprehensively manage the details of the sale or purchase of real estate locally, across the country or around the world; in parallel, our network of 150 Lifestyle Managers in 75 offices speaking  19 different languages, turn their attention exclusively and specifically to the personal needs and preferences of the Member during their transition. 

From the extravagant to the outrageous, we have managed over 2,500 real estate transactions and unique requests (from designing and picking up an American Girl doll for a special birthday party for a Member to front row opera house tickets at La Scala in Milan, Italy) around the world.  And, our unmatched network of contacts and elite service providers ensure that our Members get the very best life has to offer. 

Whether for our Private Memberships or Corporate Services, everything is customized to our Member’s specific requirements and aim to exceed their expectations.  Our approach to service begins and ends with an unparalleled ability to engage with the Member while gaining a comprehensive understanding of their preferred level of personal assistance.   Upon signing up for our services, Members are immediately assigned a Lifestyle Manager to understand their unique motivations and use that knowledge to showcase services that provide the most value.

 At NGage Concierge Real Estate Services, our Members have come to enjoy an impeccable level of service and trust our attention to detail before, during and after each and every transaction.  We have a passion for providing distinctive levels of service - searching for unique international properties, managing residential construction projects, spousal transition services, obtaining last-minute restaurant reservations, coordinating unique personal dining and shopping experiences or arranging elite travel services to guarantee the Member’s quality of life is maintained during what is often a hectic and stressful time.  

Pursuing perfection is simply what we do – a pursuit that is made possible by the depth and breadth of our incredible range of services.  It is our combination of dedication, passion and exceptional service that enables us to exceed the personal requirements of our Members.