Private Membership Levels

- 3 Tiers of Individual Membership -

Whether you are relocating because you have just accepted a new executive-level position, sold your practice, or are simply retiring to a new city, state or country, an NGage Concierge Membership alleviates the stress of transition and allows you to maintain or elevate your lifestyle as you move.  Through our personalized services, we proactively anticipate your needs while giving you access to our global network - a magic genie with a little black book in each city...  

Once you become a member, a Lifestyle Manager is carefully chosen for you to comprehensively understand your unique motivations, desires and requirements to carefully select the services that matter to you most.  We remove the stress and save you time by managing each and every detail, from the mundane to the extraordinary as you transition your life from one home to another.


BLUE is our most basic level of membership. Blue members are looking to complete just one real estate transaction (buy or sell) within the United States. Services for this membership level is limited to four.


GOLD is our elevated level of membership.  Gold members are completing 2 real estate transactions (buy and sell) anywhere across the country.  Members at this level have access to 8 of our elite services.


PLATINUM is our lifestyle level of membership and requires a 12-month membership.  Our Platinum members have multiple properties around the globe and require our very highest level of services.  Members at this level have unprecedented access to our network of elite partners during their membership term.

Wherever your membership takes you - we will surprise and delight you every step of the way...